About Us

Who We Are

We are venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, consultants, financiers, scientists, and board directors of public and private companies. We are a bridge to the future of the cannabis industry while being mindful of the past. We bring best-in-class companies to you.


We believe that a thriving cannabis industry benefits the health and wellness of humanity. We invest in exceptional teams that have the vision and, with our support, ability to create truly great companies.



Our Values


We find unique solutions and seeing what others don’t by bringing together innovative ideas, approaches and alliances.


Social Consciousness

We work closely with the Marijuana Policy Project to support the legalization of cannabis and the creation of FDA and other regulations for the safe use of medicinal cannabis.



We promote the moral and economic dignity of every individual, regardless of race, religion or color.

We Are Artemis

A Team Of Professionals

Sheri Orlowitz

Founding Partner

Jeffrey Dunetz

Managing Partner

Jan VonFlatern

Legal Counsel

Connor Varley

Junior Analyst

I was fortunate to meet Sheri soon after moving from Wall Street into the cannabis industry. Her unique way of thinking, her articulate vision and her extensive history of successful execution were immediately apparent and I committed to finding ways to partner with her. Sheri contemplates cannabis holistically and understands that the short term dynamics currently at play will ultimately be superseded by traditional commercial fundamentals. Given this disposition Sheri’s ability to identify long term value in individuals, products, services and platforms is truly differentiated. Her insights and impact set her apart and establish her as a true thought leader in cannabis

Jacqueline Bennet

Director, ELLO Capital