Our ability to guide companies and facilitate investment comes from over 100 years of combined experience in working and investing with private equity firms, family offices, investors and corporations.  That experience, coupled with our years of cannabis investing and insight into the priorities and workings of the principal regulators of the cannabis industry, ensures our competitive edge.


The cannabis industry is destined to be a highly regulated industry. Understanding those regulations, anticipating their adoption and shaping their terms are critical to building a successful cannabis business.  We have a deep understanding, earned over many decades, of the state and federal regulatory landscape affecting the cannabis industry. Through our work with the Council for Federal Cannabis Regulation and the Marijuana Policy Project we are also on the cutting edge of general regulatory and FDA developments impacting cannabis companies, and represent many companies that are potential acquirers of businesses in the cannabis industry.



We understand the lifecycle of an entrepreneurial company. We have built companies holistically and expertly over the decades and provide everything you need to build, grow, finance and execute on strategic options, whether merger, sale or joint venture.

Corporate Acquirers

We have decades of experience vetting companies to find those that can have a successful future. This time-tested experience assures only the best cannabis opportunities make it through our gates. We introduce corporate acquirers who may not be used to operating within the cannabis space to the most future thinking and legally compliant prospects. We educate acquirers on how and when to capitalize on the cannabis industry’s unbridled potential.


Artemis’ strategy is to bridge best-in-class cannabis companies with established industries who are seeking to exploit this new market through intelligent investment. The right combination at the right time is a recipe for huge success. But, the landscape is fraught with landmines. We know where they are and how to navigate. We are a bridge with travelers going both directions -safely.  We have decades of working with traditional industries coupled with access to high-level opportunities within the cannabis industry.

Sheri is a seasoned professional who provides insight and clear direction in this chaotic industry. She brings a compelling combination of resources and experience both within the industry as well as from her extensive traditional business and legal background. When Akerna needed an investment, Sheri came through with investors who filled out our C round before Akerna’s successful NASDAQ list

Jessica Billingsley
CEO, Akerna